Polyurethane Adhesives

PU adhesives have an excellent adhesion to many substrates, excellent flexibility and excellent mechanical properties at high and low temperatures. The adhesives are formulated either as single-component products, which then cure after application with the humidity present in the environment or as two-component adhesives in which a resin and a hardener are mixed and the curing takes place thereby. All HANSI polyurethanes are tailor-made for your application.

Typical properties Typical applications

Typical properties

  • Very good adhesive performance on many different substrates
  • Good properties over a wide temperature range
  • Very good resistance to weathering
  • One-sided application possible
  • Universal dosing equipment
  • Curing times are adjustable (2K products)
  • Products are partially fire-retardant

Typical applications

  • Structural, elastic bonding
  • Bonding of floor coverings in vehicles
  • Gluing composite components
  • Gluing and densification of filters