Hybrid-Polymer Adhesive and Sealant

Hybrid-polymer adhesives and sealants are formulated as one or two-component products.

The products are characterized by a very good adhesion to on many substrates. After application the single-component systems cure from the surface into the volume with the humidity present in the environment. In the case of two-component adhesives and sealants, the hardener component induces curing. The advantage of the two-component systems is that curing occurs throughout the complete volume at once. All products cure to a permanently elastic polymer, which in the bonding can in particular compensate for the different expansion of materials during temperature changes. The HANSI hybrid polymers are based on the most modern raw materials and are optimized for the application.

Typical properties Typical applications

Typical properties

  • Very good adhesive performance on many different materials
  • Good properties over a wide temperature range
  • Weather resistance
  • One-sided application of the product
  • Compensation of large joint dimensions

Typical applications

  • Elastic bonding and sealing

  • Bonding of floorcoverings, side panels or roof parts in vehicles

  • Bonding of components with combinations of different metal and plastic